The Texas Municipal League and numerous government agencies answers pandemic-related questions online.


Wondering what the COVID-19 federal stimulus legislation means for your municipal government? Curious about what takes precedent if orders from the governor’s office and your local jurisdiction come in conflict?

The Texas Municipal League answers pandemic-related and city-specific questions each day on its website,, and also lists other useful resources for city leaders. The TML offices remain closed for now but you can still reach them by phone and email. Call 512-231-7400 or go to their website for contact information.

Other important COVID-19-related resources we’ve found online include:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at its website, includes up-to-date and verified guidance about the pandemic.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Administration has posted important information online about the response and recovery process. Typically, local governments execute this process, but under management from the state and with support from the federal government. Learn more here. FEMA also has online guidance for COVID-19 response efforts here.
  •  FEMA  maintains a separate website to help the public parse COVID-19 fact from COVID-19 fiction.  You can find it here.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission each maintain separate sites with useful tips to help consumers protect themselves against coronavirus-related fraud.  Find the DOJ website here. The Federal Trade Commission website can be accessed here.
  • FERC, also known as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, posts COVID-19 updates. FERC is the organization with oversight responsibility of electric markets nationwide. Here’s the link.
  • The United States Energy Information Administration posts regular reports about the U.S. oil, natural gas and electricity sectors — including information about volatility during these challenging days. Here’s the website link.