Policy Reports

You can find here a collection of reports, many of them produced in coordination with our sister organization, the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power. You can find out more about TCAP here.

Oncor Cities Steering Committee Timeline

The Steering Committee of Cities Served by Oncor is one of the largest and most influential organizations of its kind in the state. Learn about its history and accomplishments in this in-depth timeline document by OCSC General Counsel Geoffrey Gay. Read online or...

A Retreat From Electric Competition

How a Texas Capacity Market Will Lead to Expensive Subsidies, New Regulations and Higher Prices. Learn about the controversial proposals in this 2013 report co-sponsored by the Steering Committee of Cities Served by Oncor and TCAP. Click here to read the report...

Deregulated Electricity in Texas

From the difficult Price To Beat years to the challenges at ERCOT — this updated report from TCAP represents one of the most extensive historical treatments of the Texas deregulation law ever undertaken. Click here to read the report (PDF)

The Story of ERCOT

The Story of ERCOT, a special research project co-sponsored by TCAP and the Steering Committee of Cities Served by Oncor, reports on the state’s electric grid operator, its power market and rates under the Texas electric deregulation law. Click here to read the report...