San Antonio Business Journal: Houston drillers target Austin Chalk for oil, gas

Dec. 29 — Interest in Washington County’s Austin Chalk formation has ticked up ever so slightly over the past year.


Houston Chronicle (Commentary): Republicans, Democrats finding common ground to fight climate change

Dec. 30 — Climate compromises are the order of the day as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office, and House members from West Virginia and Oregon have already introduced a bipartisan follow-up.


Midland Reporter-Telegram: Concerns about flaring, emissions will continue into 2021

Dec. 28 — Flaring and emissions from Permian Basin oil and gas operations are expected to continue dominating environmental issues in 2021.


KPRC TV: Houston family hopes to rebuild after explosion destroys home of 51 years

Dec. 28 — CenterPoint Energy crews spent much of Monday trying to figure out the source of Sunday morning’s explosion in southeast Houston. The initial blast knocked the Doulton Drive home off its foundation Sunday morning. The secondary one sparked a fire, which demolished the place Delover Burns and his wife, Jewell, have called home for 51 years. Burns and his wife raised their six children and grandchildren in the home.


Marshall Independent: House explosion highlights importance of gas safety

Dec. 28 —  The propane gas explosion that leveled a house and killed two people this summer was an unusual incident for Marshall. But it’s still important to know the signs of a liquid propane or natural gas leak, and what to do if you detect gas in your home, Jim Smith said.


Forbes (Commentary): Climate, Energy, And Essential Infrastructure In Texas

Dec. 23 — Essential infrastructure spending and regulation is on the agenda of the upcoming biennial session of the Texas legislature. Some believe that there are competing interests are at play—wind and solar energy versus oil and gas producers. Both are competing for infrastructure spending and favorable regulations. It’s a big state. Here’s how both can win.


Houston Chronicle: Evolving Texas grid marks beginning of the end for fossil fuel electricity

Dec. 25 — Fossil fuel-supporting Chicken Littles have done their best to spread fear of renewable energy, warning that relying on wind, solar and storage would lead to blackouts and economic devastation.


Houston Business Journal (Year in Review): NRG’s $3.6B acquisition of Direct Energy was a Deal of the Week in July

Dec. 24 — Through the end of December, we’re taking a look back on the Deals of the Week from 2020. This was the Deal of the Week for the Houston Business Journal’s July 31-Aug. 6 edition.


S&P Global: ERCOT OKs retirement of 235-MW gas-fired plant, likely with little price impact

Dec. 23 — Luminant’s 235-MW natural gas-fired Trinidad Power Plant can retire as planned by April 29 without impairing reliability, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas announced Dec. 23, which would tend to strengthen wholesale power prices, but this will likely be outweighed by growth in renewable and other capacity.