KCEN: The majority of Texas power generators are weatherized, according to a new report

Dec. 13 — The Public Utility Commission told power generators in October they must complete winter weather emergency preparation measures by Dec. 1 of 2021. The generators were required to send a report to ERCOT saying what had and had not been done, and that report was sent to the PUC 10 days later.

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Austin American-Statesman: Could it happen again? Winter to test Texas power grid reforms after February disaster

Feb 13 — Severe winter weather last February kicked off a cascade of failures in the state’s energy sector just as demand for electricity was soaring, triggering a near-collapse of the Texas power grid and extensive blackouts that contributed to hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars in property damage.

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KPRC TV: What’s being done to keep the lights on this winter? Here’s what we know

Dec. 14 — Ten months ago, millions of homes and businesses were plunged into darkness and more than 100 Texans lost their lives when our power grid failed at the height of a historic winter storm. Since then, new laws and regulations have been put in place, but are we better prepared for this winter?

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The Hill: Biden’s renewable energy rush is making gas prices skyrocket

Dec. 13 — The Biden administration exacerbated the inflation of gas prices by both restricting the supply of oil and pressuring banks and asset managers to divest from traditional energy projects. The result of these flawed policies is weakened purchasing power for consumers and more reliance on foreign countries to keep the United States powered.


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