KXAN: Why Texas wind turbines might choose to ‘winterize’ differently than those in colder climates

Dec. 3 — A report released by the International Energy Agency is projecting a 95% increase in renewable energy capacity across the world over the next five years – a trend Texas is sure to follow, as ERCOT projects solar, wind and storage power to double by the end of 2022.

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Reuters: Texas cuts $9,000 power price cap after February freeze

Dec. 3 — The Public Utility Commission (PUC) of Texas adopted a proposal to cut the wholesale electricity price cap from $9,000 per megawatt hour (MWh) to $5,000 to help avoid price spikes like those seen during last winter’s February freeze.

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KXXV: Texas Democrats see focusing on power grid failure as a winning campaign strategy heading into 2022

Dec. 3 — Democratic candidates and strategists see the power grid as the Republican party’s biggest vulnerability — and they see highlighting it as their best shot at winning crossover voters in the state’s 2022 election cycle, which is expected to be an uphill battle for the minority party.

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CNBC: Bitcoin miners say they’re helping to fix the broken Texas electric grid — and Ted Cruz agrees

Dec. 5 — Crypto enthusiasts believe the fix to this problem is actually to add another electricity consumer into the mix — a buyer who will take as much power as they’re given, whatever the time of day, and are just as willing to power down with a few seconds’ notice. These flexible buyers are bitcoin miners.


KVUE: Gov. Abbott says ERCOT inspections will ensure power grid is ‘more resilient’ this winter

Dec. 5 — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is hoping to assure state residents that the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is taking steps to avoid another winter blackout like the one that left many Texans in the dark in February.

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KHOU 11: Most Texas power plants meet winterization reporting deadline

Dec. 1 — Under new energy reform laws, a total of 855 Texas power plants were required to file winter weather preparedness reports Wednesday with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the operator of the state’s power grid.


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Community Impact Newspaper: ERCOT commits to inspecting over 300 generating units statewide in December

Dec. 2 — The ERCOT CEO said through Dec. 2-29, ERCOT will begin inspecting more than 300 generating units across the state. These units make up 85% of the lost megawatt hours during the February storm. According to Shaheen, there are roughly 900 units across the state.

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Reuters: Members of bankrupt Brazos Electric question strategy amid ERCOT dispute

Dec. 2 — Tri-County Electric Cooperative, one of Brazos’s largest members, filed papers on Wednesday accusing Brazos of pursuing a restructuring proposal that would place the financial burden on the backs of retail and commercial ratepayers. Its statements came in an objection to Brazos’ request to extend its control over the bankruptcy process until March 28, 2022.

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Utility Dive: Texas lowers electricity price cap to $5,000/MWh ahead of winter season

Dec. 6 — The change is a response to the extreme winter weather in February, which knocked out power to millions of customers and left some consumers facing bloated energy bills.

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CBS Austin: Railroad Commission implements weatherization law after reports and experts raise concerns

Nov. 30 — Less than two weeks after three separate reports raised concerns about the ability of Texas’ power grid to hold up if another severe winter storm hit the state, the Railroad Commission of Texas – which is the governing body over the natural gas sector – unanimously approved new weatherization rules mandated by a new state law.


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