Houston Chronicle (Commentary): Path to a carbon neutral future is through the Texas Railroad Commission

July 29 — Texas must remain a global leader in affordable and reliable energy, but this ambition must also include a commitment to a carbon neutral future and a reduction in the carbon dioxide emissions driving climate change. There is a misguided narrative that increasing energy output while lowering emissions is in conflict. With the transformative technology of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), we have a solution and a pathway to achieving carbon neutrality. And this pathway can be enabled and accelerated by allowing the Texas Railroad Commission to assume the regulatory authority and stewardship for our state.

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S&P Global: As Texas heat persists, ERCOT forwards indicate risk of triple-digit power prices

July 26 — Judging by forward trading, Electric Reliability Council of Texas power prices will likely average in triple digits into September, after a brutal July heat wave pushed real-time prices into quadruple digits and the US National Weather Service forecast high chances of above-normal temperatures through summer’s end.

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Spectrum News: ERCOT focuses on reliability over affordability

July 25 — No Texan will forget the Feb. 2021 winter storm that knocked out power to millions and led to the deaths of nearly 250 people. After that storm, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) switched to a “reliability model,” creating a power reserve to avoid tragedies in the future. But this comes at a cost.

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KVUE: Power emergency’: Texas environmental enforcement relaxes during extreme power demand

July 22 — The power grid supply may impact your air quality as grid managers can request environmental enforcement discretion at a certain time. How often does it happen?

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Houston Public Media: ERCOT says power grid exceeded 80,000 MW for first time as Texas heat wave continues

July 21 — The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, the state’s power grid manager, says the heat is causing Texans to use a record breaking amount of power, and that they have already set demand records 11 times this summer.

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NBC: Can the fragile Texas power grid handle a cryptomining gold rush?

July 22 — Record-breaking heat across Texas has pushed its fragile power grid to the brink. But extreme temperatures are doing something else in the famously pro-business state: stirring opposition to energy-guzzling crypto miners who’ve flocked there seeking low-cost energy and a deregulatory stance.


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