KXAN: Texans sue ERCOT over ‘negligent management’ of power grid during winter storm

Oct. 8 — More than 270 Texans from across the state are suing the Electric Reliability Council of Texas for “negligent management” of the power grid during the February winter storm.

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Austin American-Statesman (Commentary): Texas’ rare opportunity to fix the energy marketplace

Oct. 8 — Abundant natural resources, free markets, and a strong commitment to innovation have long positioned Texas as an energy leader. However, Texans’ faith in that leadership was tested this year during Winter Storm Uri, and our state is still looking for solutions to reliably keep the lights on. After the storm, the Texas legislature tasked state regulators with fixing the energy marketplace. This is an opportunity to better integrate advanced energy technologies, like wind, solar, battery storage and efficiency, into the electric grid.

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RealClear Energy: Texas LNG to Save the Day as Europe Struggles With Its Gas Supply

Oct. 6 — Natural gas has provided certainty and energy accessibility to European consumers for decades, and today it is paving the way for new low-carbon technologies. While natural gas represents 20 percent of the EU’s energy mix, 70 percent of it is imported. Gas is responsible for significant infrastructure and trade in Europe, including several LNG import terminals strategically located in multiple entry points, as well as the controversial Nord Stream pipeline shared with Russia.

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Texas Tribune: When Texas legislators admit they don’t know what they’re doing

Oct. 7 — A legislative committee ripped into the state’s Railroad Commission last week for doing what it was supposed to do under a law passed by the Legislature earlier this year in response to the freeze and power outages that killed as many as 700 Texans in February.

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Grist: Texas oil and gas regulators are awash in fossil fuel money, according to report

Oct. 6 — Conflicts of interest plague the Texas Railroad Commission, a powerful agency charged with environmental protection in Lone Star oilfields.

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KHOU 11: News4 San Antonio: Loophole would allow energy providers to opt out of weatherization for $150

Oct. 6: A loophole has now emerged that has stunned state lawmakers, prompting the question: do lawmakers understand their own law?

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TXK Today: Lawsuits against Netflix and Hulu dismissed by federal judges in Texarkana

Oct. 6 — U.S. District Judge Susan O. Hickey dismissed a suit Thursday filed on behalf of the City of Ashdown, Arkansas, in the Texarkana Division of the Western District of Arkansas and U.S. District Judge Robert Schroeder III dismissed a suit the same day filed on behalf of the City of New Boston, Texas, in the Texarkana Division of the Eastern District of Texas.


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