San Antonio Express-News: Texas grid battery boom set to triple capacity through next year

Sept. 14 — Battery storage operators have seen their investment in the Texas power market pay off this year by selling desperately needed energy to a supply-strapped grid through much of the summer.

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San Antonio Express-News: Texas power grid’s gas supply still isn’t ready for another hard winter, CPS Energy CEO says

Sept .13 — Such concerns led a North Texas utility to acquire a plant fueled by gas delivered through lines under federal, not state, regulation.

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S&P Global: Texas power market’s multistep scarcity pricing floor delayed until Nov. 1

Sept. 13 — A revision of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas main scarcity pricing program that would set minimum price adders at levels well above emergency reserve levels will become effective no sooner than Nov. 1, stakeholders learned during an ERCOT Protocol Revision Subcommittee meeting on Sept. 13.

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Houston Public Radio: ERCOT can’t move energy where it needs to go, and it’s putting the grid at risk

Sept. 11 — The Texas power grid operator reduced energy flowing along a key transmission line on Wednesday, exacerbating a power grid emergency.

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Reuters: Texas power prices soar as grid passes reliability test in heat wave

Sept. 8  — Power prices in Texas soared on Friday with electric use expected to hit a record high as homes and businesses blasted their air conditioners to escape another sweltering heat wave.


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NBC DFW: Texas heat brings state’s power grid closest it has been to outages since 2021 winter storm

Sept. 8 — Texas’ power grid manager on Thursday again asked residents to cut their electricity use as the state endures another stretch of sizzling summer heat. The request carried fresh urgency, coming the day after the system was pushed to the brink of outages for the first time since a deadly winter blackout in 2021.


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