The PUC’s Customer Protection Division assisted 2,819 customers during the year’s third fiscal quarter.



The Public Utility Commission of Texas secured refunds and bill credits of $181,717.26 for Texas electric, water and telecommunications customers in the third quarter of FY 2023, according to a recent agency release.

The PUC also announced that its Consumer Protection Division assisted 2,819 consumers who filed informal complaints regarding billing problems or other issues across the three industries the PUC regulates.

The PUC’s Consumer Protection Division also assists consumers with issues relating to electric, water and telecommunications utility disconnections and refusal of service. In total, the division fielded 7,593 calls from customers throughout the third quarter, which is from March 2023 through May 2023.

In the second quarter of this fiscal year (Dec. 2022 – Feb. 2023), the PUC secured refunds and bill credits of $100,581 for 2,983 electric, water and telecommunications customers, according to the agency.

— R.A. Dyer